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An unpleasant side of Burnaby Central students has come into light as the City Hall pond was turned into a pool of trash and cigarette butts. Our very own Green Team has now brought it back to its former state.

Led by Gr. 12 student Aleksandra Kovacevic, Burnaby Central’s Green Team took up the initiative to clean the pond. Kovacevic described the whole process for us.

“City hall has been contacting our school for a couple of months now,” she stated. “As Green Team, we decided that we wanted to help keep our community clean.”

The amount of trash and cigarette butts accumulated in the pond in front of Burnaby City Hall has not only ruined the scenery but also jeopardized the fish’s habitat. Knowing this, Green Team “volunteered and set up shifts once a week at lunch to clean up the pond and its surroundings,” Kovacevic described. As a result, the space has been restored.

Canada’s immense nature has always been a part of our community. We’ve learned how to keep our earth and our environment ‘green’. However, it does seem as though many take the greenery for granted. Green Team would like students to “open their eyes”, and realize that “even if they might think [littering] is somebody else’s mess… it harms the earth and students need to help each other keep their own community clean.”

Kovacevic and her team contributes in keeping our school clean as well. The Green Club can be seen cleaning up the school field and reminding people at lunch to clean up after themselves, all to pursue their vision of a “clean and green community”.

They are currently working on a fundraiser for BC wildfire relief and raising awareness on climate change. Want to be a part of this? Green Team meets every second Wednesday to discuss and plan different ways to help keep the earth green.

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